Introducing the POLESOK

Purpose & Benefits


  • Keeps the gripping end of a pole vault warm even in cold temperatures, promoting safety for the vaulter.
  • Contains a pocketed inner layer that accommodates up to a dozen warming packets to further keep the gripping end of a pole warm.
  • Utilizes an insulating middle layer as well as a protective outer layer to ensure optimal gripping conditions.
  • Ensures that a pole vaulter will have an optimal pole even in less than optimal weather conditions.
  • Includes a drawstring to further keep the gripping end of the pole vault insulated.


Problems Solved


Pole vaulters train for countless hours for just a handful of runs at a competition. As such, it is essential that the vaulter's equipment is in optimal shape, lest the vaulter slip at a critical moment. A damp or cold pole could mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful plant or swing up, and ultimately spell success or failure on reaching the podium.



Detailed Description & Features


POLESOK is a protective covering and means of insulation for a pole vault. This innovative product may comprise a three-layered covering for the gripping end of a pole vault. There may be a cloth inner layer that secures around the pole via zipper. On the inside of the covering may be two rows of six pockets, inside each of which may be placed a hand warmer to keep the handle warm. After the first layer is secured, a hollow foam layer may be placed around it to provide insulation. Finally, a thick vinyl or similar material outer layer can be secured atop the inner two layers. The outer layer may have a cap at one end and a drawstring to secure the open end. This outer layer may be weatherproof and can also display the product's name on its exterior. It may measure approximately 40 inches in length by 5 inches in diameter. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.




POLESOK, LLC uses a General IRT207 8:1 Infrared Thermometer to conduct all temperature tests performed on the POLESOK.



- Measurement Range: -4 to 608 F (-20 to 320 C)

- Measurement Accuracy: +/- 3.6 F (2 C), or +/- 2% of reading, whichever is    

   greater, above 32 F (0 C)


To see all of the specifications, please visit the General.


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