All new design makes it easier to handle and travel with.

Keep your pole warm and dry!

Through testing and usage, there have been a few ways noted, that could make the Polesok even better and more user friendly.


Out with the old - Gone is the inner cloth sleeve that housed the 12 Hot Hands Hand Warmers, and also the small hole on the cap of the end.


What's new - Version 2.0 utilizes strong, durable, clear plastic for the outside shell and is thinner and more light weight than the previous version. The heat warmers are no longer standard with each Polesok, but can be added in to provide the warmth needed to get your grip end up to 100 + degrees Farenheit. 


Polesok v2.0 is easier to transport, smaller in circumference and can hold up to any types of conditions the pole vaulter may face. There is no longer the cumbersome process of trying to fill the inner tube with hand warmers in a cloth sleeve. Simply stuff a few larger body warmers in the tube and your pole will be warmed by the time you are ready to hit the runway.



Finally, there is a way to keep the grip end of your pole vault warm and dry! POLESOK, LLC has invented the POLESOK v2.0 to do just that.


The POLESOK v2.0 is a 40-inch long, protective sleeve, designed to cover the grip end of the pole vault and keep it warm and dry, right up until it's time to jump. 


Utilizing hothands, body warmers and our patented black band design, the grip end will stay a comfy 90 - 95 degrees F for up to 10 hours at a time. There is no need for electricity, batteries, microwaves, or any other heat source for the POLESOK v2.0 to work.


If you have ever pole vaulted, there is a good chance at somepoint during your career, you have either; a. jumped in temperatures 40 degrees or colder, or b. jumped when it was rainy or snowy.


Think back to that time and how much more confidence you would've had on the runway if your pole was warm to the touch and dry. With the POLESOK v2.0, that is exactly what you get!


There's a Better Way...

You no longer need an umbrella, a pair of track pants, a towel, or any number of other items pole vaulters use to try and keep their poles dry during a competition. Not only is a wet grip end unsafe, but it will also result in poor jumps.


POLESOK, LLC would like to introduce you to the POLESOK! Not only will your pole stay dry and out of the inclimate weather during those early spring meets, it will also boost your confidence, knowing you are able to get a good grip on the pole.


Put some height between you and your competition with a POLESOK! #AttitudeDeterminesAltitude



POLESOK - Attitude Determines Altitude

Meet Olympic Silver Medalist, Sandi Morris


She is the current outdoor record holder with a height of 16' 2", breaking former record holder Jenn Suhr's mark in 2016. 



Zoe suffers pole vault finals nightmare, as rain wrecks her hopes.


Zoe Brown suffered a nightmarish experience in the Pole Vault at the Games in Hampden Park when she was eliminated along with four other competitors at the opening height of 3.80 metres in a competition battered by horrendous weather conditions. Read the full article here...



No longer will inclement weather hinder the results of pole vaulters all around the world! The POLESOK was invented with the safety of pole vaulters in mind, so they can focus on jumping and not on whether or not their hands will slip off the pole, possibly causing a serious injury.

Problem Solved


Pole vaulters train for countless hours for just a handful of runs at a competition. As such, it is essential that the vaulter's equipment is in optimal shape, lest the vaulter slip at a critical moment. A damp or cold pole could mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful plant or swing up, and ultimately spell success or failure on reaching the podium.

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